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Kick Drum Heart ♪
Artist: The Avett Brothers Album: I And Love And You


Kick Drum Heart // The Avett Brothers

It’s not the chase that I love
It’s me following you

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Master Hunter ♪
Artist: Laura Marling Album: Once I Was An Eagle


Master Hunter :: Laura Marling

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Uncatena ♪
Artist: Sylvan Esso Album: Sylvan Esso


Uncantena - Sylvan Esso

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Forrest's remix of The xx's Sunset is a nice piece to vibe to.

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Rude Boy ♪
Artist: Rihanna Album: Rated R


Rude Boy - Rihanna

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happy stomachaches release day!!!!!

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#beyonce vmas
joyriding ♪
Artist: frank iero Album: stomachaches


joyriding- frank iero

i hope i die before they save my soul;

yea its cool, i’ll be okay,
as i felt your pain wash over me,
so i dry your eyes and hide my shakes
because i hate the look thats on your face

Every Other Freckle ♪
Artist: Alt-J Album: This Is All Yours


Every Other Freckle | Alt-J

"You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison"